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Chambre Chalet M-Art-ssage

Chalet Room

Tantrism in our Chalet room

In this chalet room, you will discover tantrism. With its mansard roof and beautiful parquet floors, you will feel like you are in a charming chalet. The dark walls offer a more subdued atmosphere, in order to exasperate your senses. To receive a proper massage, we offer a Japanese futon placed on two quality tatami mats. The futon is ideal thanks to the natural materials that compose it, but also in terms of the comfort it offers. All you have to do is close your eyes and breathe deeply. You will no longer want to leave, and this moment taken for you, will have done you great good.

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L'Empire des Sens - Massages Tantriques

We remain at your disposal for any questions. You can reach us by phone every day of the week and on weekends (Sunday also). You can also ask your questions by email: we will answer you as soon as possible.

L'Empire des Sens

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