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Want to awaken your senses and all the sensuality that is in you, want a little eroticism in your sex life?
Be ready to reach seventh heaven by discovering tantric massage.

Tantric massage is one of the rituals taught in the tantras, the esoteric sacred books that have resulted in one of the forms of Hinduism while being influenced by ancient Indian and Chinese traditions.

Tantric massage is practiced totally naked (without towel or string on the genitals).
Your masseuse will use hot sensual oil and 100% natural aphrodisiac.

Tantric massage does not have set standards. Both sensual and energizing, tantric massage consists of great movements of connections between all parts of the body and touches on the 7 chakras (your energy points).

The gentle and slow movements of kneading, light pressure, and especially effleurage, will be difficult to follow mentally. Your masseuse's hands will glide from head to toe as if surfing her body. A quivering, a vibration, will run through your body.

The sexual area is not excluded from the massage: the hands touch it regularly and lightly, but without masturbation.

Throughout the tantric massage, breathing is essential: deep breathing, carried out by the diaphragm, aims to relax you, release your emotions and allow you to access the beneficial sensations of touch.

Tantric massage is very sensual and has as its primary objective the awareness of the body, beyond the control of the mind, far from the gestures and the daily routine. In the Tantrist tradition, these movements awaken inspiration in women and vital forces in men. Although it can do without any purely sexual act, it is ideal for men and women who need to circulate their sexual energy, to eroticize their relationship.

You will have a real moment of sharing which allows you to approach sexuality in another way
By being physically present to yourself, it allows you to be present to the other. This is why it allows you to build a real sensual moment with your masseuse, without parasitic thoughts.

So welcome to our L'empire des sens tantric living room, let yourself be guided...

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